Main characteristics

Bloomberg Code SGIXGD5S
Inception Date 13/08/2012
Return Type Total Return
Currency USD
Calculated By S&P Dow Jones


The Gold x5 Short Index is a total return index designed to reflect the returns generated overtime relating to the composite performance of notional investment in a money market instrument (the “Money Market Instrument”), and a 500% short position in the Gold Benchmark Index (the “Underlying Index”). The Underlying Index tracks the performance of a systematic rolling strategy, where the position is made up of gold futures contracts.



The constituents of the Index are the Underlying Index, with a fixed short exposure of 500%, and the Money Market Instrument.

The notional of the investment in the Underlying Index is revised every day to take into account the most recent past performance of the Underlying Index.


The SGI Gold x5 Short Index (The "Index") is the sole and exclusive property of Société Générale ("SG"). SG has contracted with Standard & Poor's ("S&P") to maintain and calculate the Index. S&P shall have no liability for errors or omissions in calculating the Index.