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SGI Merger Arbitrage Dynamic EUR Index

Index level: 298.333 as of 06/07/2021

Main characteristics

Bloomberg Code SGBVLMDE
Inception Date 06/07/2015
Return Type Total Return
Currency EUR
Calculated By Bloomberg
COMPOSED_BY Lutetia Capital


The SGI Merger Arbitrage Dynamic Index aims to provide an exposure to the performance of strategies called "Merger Arbitrage", which consist of the acquisition of shares in listed companies listed U.S. and European subject to takeover bid. This index is based on the expertise of Lutetia Capital in this field, through an indexation with leverage on Lyxor UCITS managed account (LYLMAIE).


The components of the strategy are selected by specific criteria (geography, minimum size, liquidity, type of operation, sector diversification) based on its performance target and volatility. The Index exposure to the Strategy is achieved using a daily investment with a 300% leverage in a portfolio of Merger Arbitrage managed by Lutetia Capital, Lyxor-Lutetia Merger Arbitrage Fund.

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